What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift surgery or buttock augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the surgical insertion of artificial body implants into a patient’s buttocks. Buttock implants can greatly enhance the natural curvatures of your figure, while also creating a more sculpted body profile.

When to Choose Buttock Implants 

Buttock implant surgery is a very individualized procedure. People who wish to enlarge, lift or re-shape their backside may benefit significantly from buttock implants. The best candidates for this method of buttock enhancement will meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You possess good physical and mental health
  • You have a strong desire to improve your appearance
  • You have realistic expectations

Following buttock implants, patients can anticipate improved shape, size and definition of the gluteal muscles in the buttocks region. Patients also may benefit from increased self-esteem and body confidence.

Despite the many aesthetic advantages of buttock implants, this procedure may not be for everyone. The best way to determine if you are an ideal candidate is to schedule a consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

Patient Case Study

This patient from Los Angeles was interested in buttock enhancement. The options of enhancement were fat transfer and buttock implants. She elected to have fat transfer to both buttocks. The procedure was performed by Moneer Jaibaji, MD Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego and Coronado.  Each buttock received 500 cc of fat. The fat was removed from the abdomen, waist and back with a liposuction cannula. Results are shown two months after the surgery.

Buttock Implant Surgery with Dr. Jaibaji

Buttock augmentation is typically completed in 1-2 hours and requires general anesthesia. Your surgeon will begin by making small incisions underneath each buttock, or in the natural crease of the buttocks near the tail bone. Through the incision, a pocket will be created in the gluteal muscle to hold the buttock implants in place.

Your surgeon will then insert implants composed of solid silicone into place, positioning them to look as natural and symmetrical as possible. Incisions will be secured with dissoluble sutures and bandaged with a compression garment to minimize discomfort and swelling.

After Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure, and you should be able to return home within two hours of surgery. Most patients experience significant discomfort for the first several days of recovery, and will require the help of a friend or family member to aid in mobility. Prescription pain medication may be provided to help manage discomfort.

Surgical dressings are typically removed within 2-3 days of surgery, at which point most patients regain most normal mobility. In general, you should be able to return to work within a week and resume more strenuous physical activities within one month. The full results of your buttock augmentation will develop gradually over several months as the gluteal muscles stretch and swelling fully subsides.

All surgical procedures present a degree of risk. All of the risks associated with buttock implants will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. Some risks may include bleeding, infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, nerve damage, excessive scarring and undesirable cosmetic outcome.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transfer to the buttocks is also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat is removed from the body, usually form the stomach, waist and back and the fat is then transferred to the buttocks. To place the fat in the buttocks a special fine cannula or needle is needed.

Patient Case Study

Gender: female
Age: 28 yrs
Ht: 4.11 / Weight: 101 lbs.

Body procedure: Fat transfer to buttocks and Liposuction.
Volume of fat: 350 cc each side.
Surgery: Body contouring

This patient from San Diego was interested in fat transfer to the buttocks.

Fat Injection / Transfer / Graft

Fat graft has been used extensively in recent year for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Fat is used for breast enhancement, gluteal augmentation, face fat graft, lip enhancement and in cosmetic surgery. It is also used to correct contour irregularities following liposuction.

Cost of Fat transfer to Buttocks

The price for buttock fat transfer will depend on the amount of fat removed from the body and transferred. In san diego this can range anywhere from $6000-$12000. In general, fat transfer to breast and buttocks are considered large volume fat transfer.

During your consultation, the procedure and the amount of fat that need to be transferred will addressed and accurate pricing will be determined.

Brazilian Butt Lift

This a procedure where fat is harvested from the abdomen, waist and back and placed in the buttocks. It is used for buttock enhancement. The fat is placed in the subcutaneous tissue and in the gluteal muscle using a special cannula. The procedure can be repeated to provide more enhancement.

How is a fat transfer performed?

Fat is usually harvested from one area of the body and transferred to another. The process is different from standard liposuction. Special cannulas are used to remove the fat from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The fat is then processed before it is transferred to the breast. The fat is injected using special cannulas.

For question about fat graft in San Diego please contact Dr. Jaibaji.

Schedule a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Moneer Jaibaji

Contact us to schedule a consultation for buttocks implants. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to review photos and discuss details such as the cost and expected recovery time.